We’re proud to be agents for Cytek’s analog xP and digital Dxp upgrades as well as working on some of our own:

  • Forward PMT - an option for detection and analysis of small particles, currently resolving 300nm particles
  • PMT filter changer - an option for the BD scan series of analysers which allows push-button changing of band pass filters in front of a fluorescence PMT
  • Low cost violet upgrade -colinear violet laser for the BD scan series which allows improved excitation of chlorophyll, coupled with the filter changer above, the violet upgrade allows greatly enhanced chlorophyll detection in algae and chloroplasts, as well as adding CFP/GFP discrimination with no electronic or software upgrade
  • 240 volt conversion - we’re also working on removing the need for the heavy transformer from European and African analysers, in some cases this may require a laser swap
  • Large volume sampling - adapting the SIP of the FACScan series to take up to 50 ml Falcon tubes
  • Volumetric sampling - a low-cost syringe pump sample delivery system that will allow sample sizes from 1-50ml at variable flow rate using disposable syringes
  • Portable aquatic FACScan - the combination of the above modifications should allow running of a Scan series analyser from a car/boat battery with inverter, making these older systems useable and useful without infrastructure costs

We’re seeking alpha and beta testers for our home-grown upgrades, if you’d like to participate, please drop us a line via our contact form 

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