We’re proud to be agents for Cytek’s AMS 96 well plate sampler and we’re developing some other accessories of our own, some fall into the realm of gadgets and gizmo’s, and we’ll be offering those on shortly:

  • USB Stream Microscope/Beam Analyser - this accessory allows you to monitor the flow cell and laser intercept from the host computer (Mac or PC) using a magnetic housing.  Interchangeable optics and body allow you to also monitor beam profile and position of lasers from 405-660nm (1-100mW)
  • Laser power monitor - measure beam power reliably from 405-635nm, 1mW-500mW with numeric and live bar-graph displays, ideal for laser tuning or fibre alignment
  • Laser Remote Control - flexible USB, Serial and Analog controller for a range of argon ion and DPSS lasers
  • Probe Unblocker - syringe-based system to dislodge unwanted debris from sample input ports (SIPs) or sample input tubes (SITs), allows you to flush using high pressure without the risk of blowout

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